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Print Audit

The Media Guy uses its proprietary Waste Indicator Tool™ to ensure you only pay for the print audience you’re buying. Then, we negotiate new print rates based on projected paid circulation & penetration numbers (vs. historical circulation & penetration numbers) and calculate a comparable CPM model to understand how print is performing relative to other channels.​

Broadcast Audit

The Media Guy quickly analyzes all broadcast media placements across all media channels against a comparable CPM

model to understand how each performs. We then eliminate spend that’s no longer valuable for the brand and/or reaching the target audience by broadcast media channel.

Digital Audit

The digital media landscape is highly fragmented and consumers move seamlessly among digital channels and platforms daily.  These sophisticated media investments span a growing number of online and offline channels, and we identify the optimal mix to reach highest conversion audiences.

Data Mining

The Media Guy seamlessly integrates into your organization and works as an extension of your team. We work with your marketing, finance, and analytics teams to eliminate misleading performance measures by linking front-end metrics with back-end sales data. We then identify the media mix that drives consumer behavior for high-value audiences and evaluate your spend allocation. We're media agnostic because we don't sell media; we just want you to have the right media.


We guarantee to save you money through our service or we don't get paid, and we invest some of that savings into consumer insights research.  Once we have insights, we factor those into our data mining and audit outcomes to deliver actionable recommendations for immediate cost savings and long-term revenue growth.

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